7 Ways To Wave The Winter Blues Goodbye

There’s something magical and kind of romantic about the change of seasons, and that’s one reason I don’t mind winter all that much. At the same time, though, there comes a point when summer feels super far away and the streets are covered in more slush than pretty snow and it’s not really all that magical after all. We’ve definitely reached that point here in Toronto because although spring is supposed to begin in March and it’s now the beginning of April, it’s definitely still kind of cold.

But although beach days and sunshine won’t be happening anytime soon, that doesn’t mean we can’t cheer ourselves up. Here are 7 ways to wave the winter blues goodbye. If you still want to count the days until summer begins, though, I don’t blame you.

1. Binge-watch to your heart’s content.

If you’re anything like me, you get through the winter thanks to Netflix/your streaming service of choice. Okay, that’s how I get through any season, though (#tvaddict). Thankfully there are tons of amazing shows to get into right now, like the smart and heartwarming Judd Apatow comedy Love. Whenever you feel like winter is getting you down, just get obsessed with a new (or even an old) show and everything will be right in the world once again.

2. Make some oatmeal.

Is there a better breakfast than a bowl of oatmeal? Probably not. Thanks to all the Instagram love that beautiful bowls of oats with millions of toppings get, it’s pretty clear that we’re all oatmeal obsessed. You could try my Sunny Day Oatmeal for a super simple breakfast. The best thing about oatmeal? It’s definitely a wintery kind of morning meal (even though I still eat in the summer months).

3. Find some inspiring blogs.

There are so many amazing food and lifestyle blogs out there it’s basically impossible to narrow down a small (or even a massive) list. I love discovering new blogs to follow and can happily spend a few hours on the weekend browsing and finding 100 recipes that I want to make.

4. Dream big.

You don’t have to let your motivation and inspiration fly out the window just because it’s cold outside. You probably have a bunch of dreams that you’ve been waiting until the right time to follow. Today is definitely the right time so don’t wait until tomorrow or next month to get started on a creative project.

5. Sweat a lot.

In the gym, of course! Or the barre/yoga/pilates/dance/etc. studio of your choice. My favourite place in the world is Barreworks, my local barre studio. Once you get into a workout routine doing something that you love, you will actually want to sweat on a regular basis and won’t even mind the freezing cold weather outside. Okay, you’ll still mind but you’ll be in a better mood. (Remember Elle Woods? Exercise definitely gives you endorphins.)

6. See your friends.

Everyone is super busy these days and it can be super hard to coordinate schedules and actually make plans. But not seeing your friends is basically the worst thing in the world. Go ahead and schedule a girl’s night out or a brunch date. If it involves food, all the better.

7. Get obsessed.

Obsessions are always a good thing in my mind. I loved an Instagram post from Jessica Seinfeld where she said that she’s either totally not into something or completely obsessed with it. I’m totally the same way. Winter will pass by a lot faster if you get into something.

Aya Tsintziras is a food blogger at www.ahealthystory.com. She posts gluten-free, dairy-free and mostly sugar-free recipes, lifestyle and pop culture stories on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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