#throwbackthursday: Brenda, Dylan And 90210 Forever

Today’s #throwbackthursday is devoted to Beverly Hills 90210, that magical 90s teen show about a group of friends living, loving and dealing with every issue under the sun.

Back in university, I spent a few glorious summers, winter breaks, and evenings binge-watching Beverly Hills 90210.

It was the greatest.

You can’t watch this show and not fall in love with one person: Dylan McKay. You just can’t. It’s like illegal or something.

Dylan is a quintessential bad boy. He’s smarter than he thinks he is (or that anyone gives him credit for). He’s got a dark past and lots of emotions but, of course, he keeps everything bottled up inside. He’s just waiting for someone to love him.

Of course, two girls do: Brenda, and then later, her BFF Kelly. That sets off the love triangle of the century.

But Brenda and Dylan will always be my dream TV couple. Period. They share a really pure love, and although Brenda goes off to a fancy acting school (aka the actress left the show) and Dylan stayed with Kelly for several seasons, I never bought it. I just wasn’t okay with that relationship. Plus there’s the fact that the show kept hinting that Dylan was visiting Brenda in London over the years. That just warmed my 90s TV loving heart.


It’s funny how attached we get to the relationships we see on TV shows. That’s the point, of course — the writers want you to get emotionally attached so you keep watching. But you care about these people and want them to stay together as if you actually knew them in real life and they were your best friends or something.

Funny story: I always talk about TV characters as if they actually exist. When I lived at home, I would always talk about them as if they were real, and my dad would be shocked, asking if all this dramatic stuff was actually true. Then I would have to say, no, I’m not talking about friends of mine, I’m talking about 90210 or Melrose Place or whatever else. Just goes to show how much happens on a TV show.

There’s something about Beverly Hills 90210 that’s just so special. Maybe it’s the adorable bad hair-dos and awkward clothes (at least in the first season or two). Maybe it’s the fact that this was a truly groundbreaking show that proved that people cared about watching teenagers on TV. Maybe it’s just all about Dylan.

Yup. it’s probably that last one.

Have you seen the original 90210? What’s your fave 90s teen show?

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  1. Ahhh I’m so TV-illiterate, haha! I love shows and movies from the 80s and 90s but I hardly ever watch them. So I can’t think of a favorite 90s teen TV show… But one of my favorite movies ever is The Breakfast Club! (I know, it’s an 80s teen movie, but it kind of counts, right? :P)

    1. The Breakfast Club definitely counts! I’m a huge fan of that movie (and am planning a post about John Hughes movies in the next month or so, so keep an eye out for that!).

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