#throwbackthursday: Why Dead Of Summer Is My Fave 2016 Show

Today’s #throwbackthursday is devoted to Dead Of Summer, an amazing summer show that you should be watching if you’re not already.

Can you be nostalgic about a TV show that’s still on the air?

Yes. I think so. Because that’s exactly how I feel about Dead Of Summer.

All good things come to an end, and that’s definitely true of TV shows… especially good ones. And this is a really, really good one.

Set in 1989 (one year away from my beloved 90s, which is why it totally fits into this series), this show follows a group of teenagers who work at Camp Stillwater. It’s no ordinary camp, though. It’s totally and completely haunted.

If that wasn’t enough, each episode features LOST-style flashbacks into the characters’ backstories before camp starts. Each backstory is sad, beautiful, well-told, and absolutely heartbreaking. There are tons of funny moments and, I’m just going to say it, the show is totally campy. Yes. Pun intended.


I’m already sad that this show will eventually have to end, because all I want are more and more episodes. Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, is super talented and the work she does in her episode is incredible, Emmy-worthy stuff. The other actors are so amazing that they make you care about them in a super short amount of time.

I went to the same summer camp during my entire childhood (and wrote about it a bit here). There was amazing counsellors, amazing food, amazing games and activities, and an entirely magical feeling everywhere you went. I still miss it and get this feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it. I would be a different person without my own camp experience. And while we didn’t have monsters or creatures or demons or anything supernatural going on (at least, not that I know of…), we had a sense of adventure and magic and that camp was the most special place in the world. That nothing else mattered but what was going on there. That’s how the kids on this show feel, too, and that’s what makes it so relatable and so human.

Fingers crossed this show gets renewed. Because the best thing about camp is that you can always go back, even if it’s just in your head, and I always want to return to the beautiful and scary world of Dead Of Summer.

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  1. I’ve never seen this show, but I love movies and TV shows that are set in the ’80s! Gosh, I never went to summer camp when I was younger, but it sounds like such a wonderful experience. I’m definitely going to send my kids to one someday!

    1. Yes! The 80s is such a good setting. I think you would love it (if you’re okay with horror movies, that is…) Camp is definitely an amazing and magical experience, that’s so sweet that you want to send your future kids there! 🙂

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