#throwbackthursday: It’s An Even Fuller House

Today’s #throwbackthursday is devoted to Fuller House, the Netflix revival that made millennials swoon everywhere.

The weekend of February 26th is most likely a blur for you just like it was for me. Why? Because that was when Netflix made its Full House revival, Fuller House, available, of course. It was kind of surreal and all kinds of nostalgic to finally be watching our beloved Tanners on the small screen once again.

Like most members of my gen, I grew up with Full House (and even wrote about it here). It was hard not to fall for this adorable, sweet, charming family. There was literally nothing not to love about the show: the corny jokes, the sun-filled kitchen, the cozy house, the family dynamics, the sense that at the end of each episode everything would be totally okay again, Uncle Jesse’s hair obsession, and Uncle Joey’s voices and impressions.


And, of course, Michelle’s hilarious catchphrases.

I totally wanted to be a member of the Tanner fam and I’m sure I’m not alone there. Fuller House brought up so many memories and I was reminded of so many episodes that I hadn’t thought about in years. It turns out that there’s a space in your brain that stores pop culture that you used to love (well, I don’t know if that’s true but that would be cool). It’s like Jesse’s “I’m So Excited” caffeine song from Saved By The Bell or lyrics to Britney Spears songs — you thought you had long forgotten them but there they are, right back in your mind, in perfect condition. I loved any episode that featured D.J. and Steve because I just thought they were the cutest couple ever. My all-time fave, though, was definitely the season 8 episode when Steph sang Girl Talk’s “I Saw The Sign”. I thought that was just a magical song and totally wanted to be her/to be in my own band, too.

Of course you can rewatch old episodes when you’re in a nostalgic Full House mood. But being able to revisit characters that you adored so many years later, in new situations, when they’re older too, is such a huge gift. Sure, it was a shame not to have the Olsen twins back for the revival and Michelle’s absence was definitely felt, but it was too exciting to see the rest of the gang that it didn’t feel like such a big deal in the end. You don’t always get what you want in life and in pop culture, after all.

So thanks Netflix. We all love you even more now — and who knew that was even possible?

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