#throwbackthursday: One Tree Hill Is Your Home

Today’s #throwbackthursday is devoted to One Tree Hill, the guilty pleasure/soap opera/sensitive drama about a group of teens who grow up fast.

There’s a show that technically premiered in the 2000s (2003, to be exact). But it felt enough like a classic 90s teen drama that it totally counts as one. It has it all: coming-of-age stories, friendships, romance, broken hearts, daydreams and real dreams, and most of all, it has heart.

I’m talking about One Tree Hill. As the characters often say, “There’s only one Tree Hill, and it’s your home.”


It really does feel that way when you watch this sweet, sometimes over-the-top, super dramatic series set in an adorable and charming North Carolina town. I started watching this show like so many others: in high school. I gave up in season 8 and came back to it recently, and quickly binged most of season 8 and the final season. The cast and crew call the show an “underdog” and that’s why it’s so beloved by fans (including this one).

There’s something so special about a show that a.) recognizes how important it is to dream big and b.) has characters that care about each other and are just kind, good people. That’s pretty rare.

It’s interesting how much the show has changed from its pilot that focused on brothers and polar opposites basketball star Nathan and bookworm/writer Lucas. As the years passed and the characters got older, Lucas and Peyton and her red bedroom were off the show, but that was okay, because we got to know others like Brooke much better, and we got to see them change. Watching Brooke’s journey and progression from a boy crazy girl dreaming of designing clothes to a businesswoman to confident wife, mom of twin boys to, finally, a business owner once again is inspiring.

Sure, there may be babysitters who kidnap and murders and disappearances and storms and ghosts, but One Tree Hill was never about the crazy moments. Not really. It was always about the people, and that’s why it’s comforting to come back to this town and these kids and their big dreams and big hearts.

Plus, the most beautiful song ever is performed in the series finale. Check out “Half Moon” by Blind Pilot and your life will be changed forever. No, I don’t think I’m being (all that) dramatic.

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