#throwbackthursday: Troop Beverly Hills, What A Thrill

You know those movies that you’ve seen about a million times and could honestly watch every single day? You can quote the film in your sleep, you never stop laughing at the jokes, and the characters feel like friends. The fact that you know what’s about to happen the whole time and can see every twist around every corner doesn’t even make the experience less enjoyable. It actually, for some weird reason, makes you love the movie even more.

Troop, Beverly Hills is that kind of movie for me. It’s super hard for me to pick favourites about anything. One day oatmeal’s my fave breakfast in the world, the next day I have another green smoothie and decide that’s better. One day I swear My So-Called Life is my all-time fave show (which it is!) and then the next, I’m wondering how I could possibly leave Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights out of the mix. But in my heart of hearts, Troop Beverly Hills is my favourite movie ever, and that’s all because I watched it about a million times growing up.

Any 90s kids out there? Were you a fan? The movie came out in 1989 (my birth year… and that of a certain heartbreak-obsessed singer…) and I watched it all time as a kid. I loved everything about it. If you haven’t seen it, seriously try and find a copy and bask in the end-of-the-80s/almost-the-90s glory. Shelly Long plays a divorced woman who’s trying to get over the fact that she’s not such a socialite anymore. But she’s super fashionable, hilarious, witty and smarter than she (or anyone else) gives her credit for. When she learns that her daughter doesn’t have a Wilderness Girls coach, she steps in. What happens next is nothing short of amazing.


There are two stand-out scenes in the film: when the girls chant “Beverly Hills, what a thrill!” (which I used to say all the time as a kid… which is slightly embarrassing now that I think about it) and when the girls choreograph a dance when trying to sell cookies.

What was so amazing (besides the huge hairdos and glam/cheesy fashion) was how Shelly Long’s character came into her own. She learned that she was worth more than just looking good, and that she could accomplish anything that she wanted. In other words, it’s a super feminist movie, and it’s inspiring, too.

I totally need to watch this movie again. Like right now.

Did you watch this movie as a kid? What was your fave film growing up?

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